It’s a love of animals that drives Frances’ work

Rosie Gilligan meet the Derbyshire woman behind the Garden Gallery that’s proving such a hit with pet lovers.

TWO FRIENDLY and curious black rescue dogs, Barney and Oscar, greet me as I enter artist Frances Daunt’s home in Lea. They’re her constant companions, one sleeping on a sofa and another keeping watch under her table in the corner of the living room where she works. On the walls are pastels of domestic pets and wildlife – a further clue that it’s a love of animals which drives Frances’ work. “We’re very lucky living here,” she says. “There’s so much wildlife around. Someone keeps deer up the road and there’s a badger sett close by.  I’ve spent many an hour watching them.” She points to a painting of a highland cow on the wall. “That’s Hyacinth and she lives in a field near here. I sent a photograph of her to one of the artist friends I’ve made in America and she painted this and sent it to me.”…

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