Let’s have shots of the streets you love!

A NEW YEAR – and a new theme for readers keen to take part in our latest photographic competition.

For our 2018 event, the theme is simply ‘Streets of Derbyshire’.  Whether it’s a shot of a building, or a series of buildings, you love, a street you love, or a street scene involving anything from a market to a parade, the choice is yours.

The main criteria is that it must be taken from a street, a pavement, or a building alongside a street… and it must be taken this year and in Derbyshire.

Our only other stipulation is that we want entries from readers who are amateur snappers and not commercial photographers.

You can enter as many times as you like through the year. Please email your entries to mail@reflections-magazine.com, giving your full name and address, a contact telephone number, and a description of the image, which should preferably be attached as a high-resolution jpeg.

As usual, we will publish a selection of your entries through the year. The deadline for entries is November 9, 2018 – so there’s plenty of time  to take part!…