Peakland: the perfect place to be in winter!

The Salt Cellar on Derwent Edge

Chris Drabble is a writer and photographer who has gained some stunning images of the Peak District in the winter months. We are happy to share this selection…

The Salt Cellar on Derwent Edge

The magnificent Salt Cellar has been forged into its distinctive shape over centuries by the forces of wind and rain. This photograph has captured the Salt Cellar on a cold winter’s day whilst in contrast the sky has been warmed by the rays of the muted sun.

A frosty sunrise at Leash Fen

Dawn light emits crepuscular rays over ground covered in a sharp frost.

Moat Low in winter

Moat Low is a Bronze Age hilltop barrow near Newton Grange in the Derbyshire Dales. A layer of fresh snow has isolated the dark contrast of the surrounding trees.  

Derwent Edge at dawn

In this photograph, dawn sunlight has dappled the clouds and the Gritstone tors with the warm tones of orange and yellow.

Winter on Curbar Edge

The Pinnacle Stone is a prominent stone column that stands in relief against the fractured escarpment of Curbar Edge. In this scene, the Pinnacle Stone appears to stand defiant against the winter elements.

The Great Ridge at dawn

The Great Ridge (aka The Peakland Ridge) on an extremely cold morning is illuminated by the strong directional light of the rising sun.

The Snail Stone on Kinder Scout

The Snail Stone stands among the Woolpacks on the southern edge of Kinder Scout. The light from the winter sun casts the surrounding rock formations into deep shadows and silhouettes.

An early frost under Derwent Edge

This photograph of the lattice of fields and hedges below Derwent Edge was taken at dawn from the western shore of Ladybower Reservoir.

Winter at Stanage Edge

In this photograph of abandoned millstones at Stanage Edge a heavy fall of snow has drifted around the stones and its crisp surface is glistening in the winter sun.