A truly amazing place


Local photographer Robert Falconer travelled to Iceland to capture its dramatic landscapes – and he wasn’t disappointed.

A LAND OF RUGGED MOUNTAINS, ancient lava fields, geysers, mud pools, the earth splitting apart and still changing with volcanic activity. Thunderous waterfalls showed how water has shaped this land as well as fire. Also an icy world with glaciers, ice caves and icebergs. And after dark, under clear skies, lights dance around the sky.

This might sound like an alien world – but it is only a two-hour flight from Birmingham Airport! I am talking about Iceland and it has been on my bucket list for many years so when I heard a couple of friends, who run ‘Wildwatch Tours’, were planning a trip there, I jumped at the chance to go and I had a 10-day experience I will never forget!

We had a variety of weather which helped to show us Iceland in all its glory with great sunrises and sunsets, moody skies and on four nights the ‘Aura Borealis’, also known as the ‘Northern Lights’…