‘Eat your greens’ is still good advice!


Most of us remember being told to ‘eat your greens’ as children – and it’s still good advice, says Penny Bunting, who also offers us a ‘spring green’ recipe of the month.

SPRING officially starts in March, and this month fresh seasonal produce will start to appear in the shops – a welcome change from winter root vegetables. Spring greens are a type of cabbage with loose leaves – and like all members of the cabbage family, they’re very good for you. To retain the flavour, colour and nutrient value of this vegetable, try stirfrying or sautéing instead of boiling. Remove any tough stalks, shred finely and cook in a tablespoon of heated olive oil. Stir fry spring greens with leek, garlic, chilli and spices – Chinese five spice works well – for a quick and healthy topping for noodles or rice…