Still at the heart of the community – more than a century on

war-memorial, Darley Dale park

Student Izzy Bunting looks at the lasting legacy to a remarkable couple that is the Whitworth Centre and Park at Darley Dale.

EVEN TO THE UNKNOWING EYE, the Whitworth Centre of Darley Dale is clearly an impressive building with an intriguing past. Its architecture – the gothic windows, impressive arches and ornate stonework – is an immediate indicator of its late Victorian heritage. By simply looking at the building, you can almost imagine that you have stepped back in time.

Enter the centre’s park, however – an extensive green space of around 10 acres behind the Victorian building – and you’ll see that the area is very much anchored in the present. On any given day you’re likely to see a large number of dog walkers, children playing and people cycling, and teenagers making use of the skateboard park…