A Random Walk… with that “unusual beast”, the scientist and the poet

A Random Walk

From a man who spent a lifetime as a research scientist comes a new collection of poetry that celebrates the joy, sorrow, humour and humility of the human condition, and the wonders of nature. In lines that have found widespread critical acclaim, Geoff Copley takes us on ‘A Random Walk’ through our shared experiences of life. Tom Blyth joined him on the adventure.

Such is this collection of 107 beautifully crafted poems by Geoffrey Copley, titled ‘A Random Walk’. Composed over a period of almost forty years, Geoff ’s poems reflect his own life, lived beyond his career as a successful research scientist. He writes for pleasure, revealing his keenly-observed echoes of the world around him. His poems display rare skill and sensitivity, and an ability to describe what he sees and what it means. To do so in such enjoyable verse is a great gift…