What life is like on the other side of the champagne bottle

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Students find all sorts of ways to pay their way through university. For Sarah Barltrop, from Ashover, that means looking after those who can afford hospitality suites in places like the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

It’s great to be wined and dined, to have your every need catered for, to be waited on hand and foot. Don’t we all relish that luxury? For some of us, though, we have to start on the other side; to be an employee in the hospitality world. The job that requires minimal experience, yet expects maximum patience, muscles and a smile that can stretch from ear to ear. It involves the realisation that your skills gained from an overpriced time at University, or hours clocked at another job, can’t be utilised, and an acceptance that the need for a pay cheque rules all. The job is demanding and stressful; with a constant stream of often difficult customers…