Why Derbyshire’s the right place to tackle climate change

Climate Changes Derbyshire

World expert on climate change and Derbyshire resident, Professor Bill McGuire, explains why he’s staging a “Warm, Wet & Windy Festival” in the most symbolic place possible – his  home  county –  next month.

NOT FAR SHORT of 250 years ago, our planet’s climate was on a track far different from the one it  travels today. Cold was setting in once again; steadily falling global temperatures flagging the advent of another ice age. A couple more millennia, it seemed, and the great continental glaciers would once again be on the march southwards from their polar fastnesses; burying everything beneath an ice carapace up to 3km thick. Then something extraordinary happened, here in Derbyshire, that stopped the return of the ice in its tracks and set our world on a different route entirely…