Fischer’s Baslow Hall – the ultimate fine dining experience

Fischer's Baslow Hall – fine dining in Derbyshire

Imagine, if you will, dining alongside an iconic 100-year-old Grade II-listed manor house…

Visualise sweeping lawns and elegant façades, where the air smells of basil; the sun dances on your skin; and the Hall behind whispers secrets of times gone by. This is the magic of the dining experience at Fischer’s at Baslow Hall.

The serenity of such an intoxicating backdrop sets the scene perfectly for quintessential alfresco dining – the all-new Champagne terrace adding another delightful dimension to the stunning ambience.

A meal at Fischer’s is the ultimate fine dining experience. Head Chef Adam Thackeray and his team have crafted a menu that pairs beautifully with the hand-picked selection of wines on offer. They have perfected the art of wine and food harmony, heightening flavours, and making each and every ingredient sing. Guests can expect a focus on homegrown, and sustainably produced ingredients, carefully selected from local producers and handpicked from the kitchen gardens. 

The lovingly tended kitchen gardens provide a constant source of fresh and seasonal ingredients. Herbs plucked just a matter of a few hours ago form part of the culinary masterpiece before you. Honey from the beehives may be part of the dance of ingredients that capture the essence of summer. 

The delightfully warm brioche loaf married with garden honey, Lincolnshire poached butter, and toasted oats sets the scene nicely for the culinary journey. The sweetness from the honey harmonises nicely with the crunchiness and warmth from the oats. Light but comforting.

The next stop on this amazing journey is oysters. With three to try – naked, mignonette, and jalapeno, there are subtle flavour twists, with each one, allowing you to savour the sea’s gifts in every bite. Fresh and plump, salty, spicy, and sweet flavours come to the fore as each one is deliciously sampled. Our diaries mean we have to succumb to a fresh water accompaniment, whilst our imaginations cut loose on how these oysters might have gone down with a cool glass of Gusbourne, Castelnau, or Moët Hennessy! 

At lunchtime, there’s a set menu and a tapas menu. We are fortunate to try a bit of both! The ‘Tear and Share’ Tapioca cracker is from the tapas menu. A rainbow of colours and flavours, the mango chutney, coriander emulsion, avocado purée, caraway seeds, and spiced beetroot emulsion sit cheerfully alongside each other. The combination explodes on the tongue into a kaleidoscope of dancing flavours.

All the dishes are intelligently crafted to ensure the perfect balance of contrasting tastes. The truffled bread and butter pudding with sage emulsion and parmesan cheese on top presents a symphony of flavours, from sweet to salty and everything in between. The Orkney scallops with Tigers Milk, avocado, sweet potato purée, puffed wild rice, and edible flowers is a colourful masterpiece of art. The ingredients harmonise perfectly to provide a nuanced and enjoyable overall flavour. The art of flavour and presentation come together perfectly in this culinary masterpiece. It’s more than just a meal; it’s an exploration of taste and a visual feast. 

The Cod Brandade with potato, Salsa Verde, lemon peel, and crispy skin is a culinary marvel. Every bite is a harmonious blend of tenderness, freshness, saltiness, acidity, spiciness, and a crunchy exterior that is a delight for the senses. The lemon yields, the salty skin sings, and the cod whispers of the seaside.

The next dish is truly exquisite. The Derbyshire lamb rump with shoulder of lamb to the side. With a barbecued aubergine purée base, anchovy emulsion, chickpeas, orange and chilli, peppers, and feta cheese, not forgetting the lamb sauce over the top, this dish is succulent and divine. Close your eyes; take a bite; and heaven awaits. Every ingredient sings with freshness and vitality. Tender, tasty, and textured. On another level!

The pork belly with potato crumbling on top, passion fruit gel, and squash purée down the centre of the plate ignites the senses and leaves a lasting impression on the palate. The pork is so tender it falls apart on the fork and the clean and fruity flavour from the passion fruit is the ideal complement to the saltiness from the pork.

Do we have room for a dessert? You bet we do! 

The 70% Guanaja Marquise with peanut butter ice cream on top and coffee is velvety and delicate, yet not too heavy for a summer’s day. The warmth and smokiness from the coffee bean gels well with the hints of nut and spice from the other ingredients. The sponge adds a bounce, balance and texture as well as a saltiness to this dessert, which is the perfect balance of indulgence and delicacy.

The Choux Bun with a rhubarb base and tonka bean mousse offers simple, yet elevated flavours complemented by mellow tones. The sweetness and light bitterness of the rhubarb beautifully complements the fresh warmth of the tonka-infused custard. Light, sharp, sweet and full of flavour. The light and crispy choux pasty adds an extra dimension of flavour and texture to this dessert.

Max’s lemon tart is the perfect summer treat. Fresh, sweet strawberries sit cheerfully alongside a light tartness of the lemon tart. This scrumptious dish is a harmonic blend of lemon with strawberry, sweet and citrus – a nostalgic light taste, with a light and crispy base. This particular dessert goes down particularly well with a tantalising glass of chilled Gusbourne Rosé. 

The word “seasonal” is used frequently in the culinary world, but few follow through with the statement. Fischer’s really take the word and run with it, and they run fast!

The knowledge and passion for food at the level that Fischer’s is producing travels right through the veins of the owners, Max and Sue Fischer, managing director, Neil Fischer, through to the kitchen team, headed by chefs Adam Thackeray and John Shuttleworth, and the serving staff, spearheaded by the ever-popular Otto and Michael Sterland. 

All the staff are equally passionate and knowledgeable and share the same overwhelming desire to create the ultimate fine dining experience. This joy of food and celebration of fresh, local produce is evident in every mouthful. The presentation only reinforces just how much care goes into every single dish. Here, they clearly understand food isn’t just about produce and flavour or filling a hungry void; it should be an experience, and an experience you’ll want to relive. It’s a culinary journey, and it’s a journey that stops at every corner of the palette.

Fischer’s offers a delightful mixture of beautiful surroundings, delicious and beautifully presented food that’s lovingly created with fresh ingredients and invigorating flavours. The question is, “What’s not to love?” The answer. “Nothing.” We’ll be back!

Fischer’s runs a programme of upcoming events and hosts intimate weddings for up to 35 people. 

For more details:

Fischer’s Baslow Hall
Calver Road, Baslow,
Derbyshire, DE45 1RR
T: 01246 583 259