Goalscorer and fund-raising king – that’s the Mansfield Spireite!


From Mansfield lad to committed Spireite, Phill Walker talks to Fiona Stubbs about his life in football, Chesterfield’s great players and fundraising for causes close to his heart.

WHATEVER THE HISTORIC RIVALRIES between Chester eld and Mans eld football fans, Phill Walker doesn’t feel them. “I love both clubs!” he booms.

Footballer-turned-coach Phill has always lived in Mans eld but also considers Chester eld ‘home’ a er spending two spells at Saltergate in the 1970s and ‘80s.

“I grew up as a Mans eld supporter but Chester eld’s is still the rst result I look for,” he says. “I never got into the territorial stu .

“I’m told that some Mans eld people still call me ‘the Spireite’ but it doesn’t bother me. I don’t have enemies.”

Jovial and chatty, Phill talks freely about his life on and o the pitch, recounting how his mum and dad were “furious” when he le his role as a police cadet to pursue a career in football.

Ironically, his interest in law and order has come full circle as, last year, Phill became a magistrate…