Proper Funny – that’s Chesterfield comedian Carl Jones


Carl Jones talks to Catherine Roth about making audiences laugh, writing for the BBC, and his brand-new book for fans of non-league football.

CARL JONES started as a comedian in 2011, performing stand-up gigs,  and now regularly hosts comedy nights at top clubs across the country. Describing himself as a story-telling comedian, Carl’s comedy style consists of a narrative rather than comic sets consisting mainly of one-liners. He says: “I will tell three to four minute chunks of stories and weave these together into one coherent set. To me, my stories are like a familiar pair of shoes. After seven years I know where the laughs are and I have reached the stage where I can change the set to suit the audience. Relying solely on one-liners means you have to remember everything word for word. Joke followed by joke followed by joke for 20 minutes would petrify me!”…