Tackling a whole octopus…James Bond style!


As the pandemic continues, Richard Antonio Alsop, of Chesterfield-based Edge Events, recalls an ‘007’ dining experience in a surprising setting…on a holiday well before coronavirus, of course!

IT’S not every restaurant that can provide you with a truly James Bond experience… but that’s what my wife Laura and I enjoyed in a quiet corner of the Balkan state of Montenegro. We had stumbled across a luxurious restaurant with its own private beach, its own speedboat to ‘taxi’ guests – many of them Russian – to and from holiday homes, music from a four-piece band and fabulous food and wine as well! Right next to the Adriatic, it was fittingly called Adriatica, sitting on a beautiful peninsula in Kotor Bay, in a tiny village a short ferry ride away from our apartment. As we approached the restaurant, I smelt ‘new money’ as there seemed to be a lot of Russians dining and they all knew each other and the waiters. The restaurant boasted a lovely private beach where cocktails were served, an outside DJ booth that wouldn’t have looked out of place in Ibiza and, of course, a private ‘taxi’ speedboat. I had booked a table earlier that day by phone and requested a sea, and that’s exactly what we got:the perfect romantic setting…