Tantalising Tastes of Thailand without leaving town


From the moment we made our way up the stairs of the Thai Thai restaurant, it felt like we were being transported to a place far, far away. When we say it seemed like we were entering the Grand Palace in the heart of Bangkok, we mean it.

ESCAPING one of Chesterfield’s busiest roundabouts for the calming, zenlike vibe of this opulent restaurant provided an instant relief. Once you go inside, the elements of Thailand greet you immediately. Your senses are soaked in the detail. The décor is something else. Beautiful artwork adorns the walls; genuine Thai artefacts, luxurious fabrics and gleaming wall hangings make for a truly Asian oasis; tropical settings and decorations populate the restaurant; and the whole place is resplendent in reds and shimmering with golds. Highly-trained and experienced Thai chefs have created an extensive menu featuring the finest aspects of Thai cuisine…