The couple whose bacon baps are ‘literally our bread and butter’

Lauren and Ralph Wilson at Riverside Kitchen

Barrie Farnsworth talks to the Youlgrave mum-of-twins about how their catering business changed direction during the pandemic.

IF you run a business providing catering for weddings, supper clubs and other events, then the pandemic basically means your income dries up completely. Amazingly, though, on the very day that the UK went into lockdown in March, Youlgrave couple Lauren and Ralph Wilson were offered to chance to buy a ‘cafe-in-a-Portakabin’ on a business park in Bakewell. So, by the end of June, the couple had opened Riverside Kitchen, serving some of the best breakfasts and lunches around. Let’s face it, if you have catered for several weddings at Haddon Hall and hosted high-end supper clubs in places like the Edale Gathering – as Lauren has done – then your cafe offerings are going to be something special! But although Lauren creates some ‘hot tub’ specials each week at the Riverside Kitchen – including Spanish, Middle Eastern and curry dishes – it’s the staples that have counted as the pandemic drags on…