The value of spring flowers preserved forever in paint

STILL-LIFE PAINTING was started by Dutch artists as a means of capturing flowers and fruit as, before the modern age, they could only be enjoyed in the moment.
Through the decades, many artists have taken up the still-life genre, and a few that I am often asked to value are pictured here. Most recently, the painting by George Clare (1835 – 1900), a prolific and meticulous painter known for fruit and floral still-life painting. He is the father of Oliver and Vincent Clare, who are also artists painting in a similar style.
George Clare lived in Barnet, Hertfordshire, although he spent some time during the 1860s in Birmingham. His technique of delicate stippling was influenced by William Hunt, another 19th Century fine painter.  Through his stippling technique, he
was able to capture the beauty of nature giving detailed individual characteristics to
the subject of his paintings…