Recipe: No Meat Tomato Balls

My Fab Fasting Philosophy

FRIED patties are a very retro recipe that went to the back of the cupboard and was forgotten about. It is high time that this underrated dish was rediscovered.

‘Keftedes’ simply means balls/patties, the preceding word references the primary ingredient, which, in this case is tomatoes- ‘ντομάτες’. However, the recipe for meatballs, which incorporates meat are known as ‘Keftedes’. This recipe mixes up meal times the Cypriot way, and produces a healthy, savoury, and satisfying patty, full of hidden goodness. These are shallow fried and make a really delicious vegan meal. I can assure you they will be snapped up by all. My tip is to make more than you need.

This recipe is taken from the newly-released Greek vegan and vegetarian cookbook ‘My Fab Fasting Philosophy’ by Chesterfield-based author Helen Klaedes. Containing detailed instructions and splendid illustrations of each dish, with over 80 recipes for soups, sides, dips, mains, salads, snacks, treats and desserts. Available to purchase at