Helping six hungry orphans living in a one-room house


A Chesterfield-based charity, the Mayosi Trust, has this slogan: ‘Giving a hand in changing lives’. One of its founders, Dale Aitken, explains why it was set up – and what it has done since.

DORCAS knocked on the door, but no-one answered; she knocked again with the same result. Then a neighbouring youth arrived to say they were all in bed. After further knocking, Piet, (12), and 16-year-old William eventually emerged – but there was no sign of their sisters. Their food had run out three days before, they were cold and hungry, so they had been huddled in bed to keep warm. Their next food parcel was not due for another four days, so the three girls had been sent to a distant relative in the hope of being fed. Their 10ft x 8ft shack was filled with a double mattress and a thin, single mattress on the floor. There was a small gas burner in one corner and very little else. No food. Jabu and Dorcas, the home-based care workers, spoke encouragingly to them and Dorcas later returned with some food for them…