Revealed at last: Derbyshire’s unsung heroes

Derbyshire's Unsung Heroes

“There aren’t many left who lived through World War II, yet they were all heroes and heroines. Very few of them received any medals, nor even official recognition, but they all bravely, uncomplainingly, and often at great personal sacrifice, went about the task of winning the war. And when the job was done they set about building a better world for us, their children.”
Tom Blyth reflects on a new book by local author Malcolm Cowper.

SKIMMING through the obituary columns of his local newspaper, Malcolm Cowper was drawn to phrases such as ‘Served in the Royal Navy during the war’ or ‘Did war service in the Land Army’. He sensed that behind these terse statements there must be many untold stories of life during that extraordinary period between 1939 and 1945…