Lockdown in Castleton is okay for an artist!

Hazel Money

Rosie Gilligan meets the artist who turned to her sketchbook during lockdown.

Rust red bracken, Millstone Edge. Copyright Hazel Money

ARTIST Hazel Money’s plans were all in place for the first half of 2020: move house and then invite visitors to come to see her work and her new printmaking studio, as part of the Spring Bank Holiday 2020 Derbyshire Open Arts event. “Things didn’t quite turn out as I’d anticipated,” Hazel admits. “I’d bought a place where I could create a studio, in Clay Cross, but I couldn’t move in because of the lockdown. Then, sadly, the event was cancelled.” Hazel gives the impression of being a glass half-full person. Undaunted by the setbacks, she made a plan: “I was staying with my mother in Castleton and decided to turn it into an opportunity…