Modern art prints that rock!


THE market for modern prints goes from strength to strength. Original artwork by recognisable names are making great prices in the current auction world.

American Bob Dylan, more noted for his music than his pictures, is a good example of an artist whose works are making a premium. Limited edition prints are original art works where the artist has decided the number of prints he wants to make from his original picture, then numbered them in sequence and signed them. They are, of course, more affordable than one-off paintings. Originally published in Dylan’s Drawn Blank book in 1994, his series of landscapes, hotel scenes and nudes were transformed using watercolour paint and gouache during an eight-month period in 2007. After digitally enlarging the original drawings and transferring the scans onto deckle-edged paper, Dylan created an impressive 320 original paintings, including the four first-ever ‘Train Tracks’ images…